Saturday, May 21, 2011

the trials of child support

I know Ive promised some blogs about hair but honestly lately i haven't been much in the mood for hair. I have been having issues with getting child support from the soon to be ex (stbx). Well I will start from the beginning, back last year at this time i went to court to start the whole child support mess as stbx wasn't giving me any money for the girls voluntarily. so off to court i went. i will skip ahead a bit needless to say it took us going back and forth 5 times to get it settled i was to get 466 every 2 weeks to be garnished from his pay check. well soon after he got fired from his main job due to harassing me via text when he well knew he wasn't allowed on the phone during work not to mention my order of protection forbids it. well it then takes the nys child support collection unit 4 to 6 weeks to change his employer info and start collection from his second job. in the mean time his arrears is going up and up. brings us to December, the cs collection unit froze his bank account due to non payment for 3 months. I finally started receving money again in Feb. Then he lost his job in April. back to court another 2 times and they lowered the amount to 200 every two weeks based on his unemployment. its now been a month again since i have received any money. Good news is he got a job but it well now take another 4 to 6 weeks before i see a dime. I am so desperate for money I am thinking about selling my ring the only thing stopping me is i wont receive much for it, not enough to help.

If anyone out there knows of a real job i can do from home on my computer or something I welcome any suggestions. I have just enough money to pay bill and nothing more. not food nor clothes, or any of the extras that make life nicer for my kids. both of my girls will be moving up in school this year and need things like year books and such. My 20 yr old is also having her second baby next month and needs things and it breaks my heart to not be able to even buy yarn to make a blanket.

I start to wonder if things could have been different if I stayed with the stbx. but then think of the peace and joy me and the little girls have had this past year and know i made the right decision. its been a long hard road but hopefully things will turn around soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

thank you

I just wanted to say thanks to all my followers I will be posting again shortly, my toppics might not be as much about hair styles as they were due to my stituation but will try to post a few. My soon to be ex took the camera so soon as I have the money I will purchase a new one. The only hair Ive been doing lately is my own my girls have rebelled. lol. They only let me do thiers when its a special ocasion. Most recently I did my cousins little girls hair for her communion. Plus Mushie cut her hair off lol so its kinda short for elaborate styles. We are trying something new with Katybug, we arent using shampoo to wash her hair anymore only conditioning it. Its starting to not be so frizzy and unmanagable. I will keep you posted on that.

Well thats it for now will post again soon I promise.