Monday, November 12, 2012

Well My Crazy Life Continues:

Ok so I went to court for the child custody and the judge dismissed it because we have a pending divorce action. So now I wait, I have let the girls go viist once since then and wound up having to pick them up early due to the pending hurricane. They had a fun time for the most part. But because of the hurricane they havent been back yet. Thier fathers area was hit hard so they are still rebuilding. Hoping to have them visit this weekend and next but will have to see.

My daughter Vicki called me the other day all upset my first thought was that her abusive boyfriend hit her again but its even worse thatn that, shes about 6 months pregnent and found out shes positive for Hep B, I dont even know what to do. Anyone who has had experience with this i would appriciate some feed back. I've done the research and such but its not the same as hearing from someone who has personally delt with this. My daughter keeps deluding herself saying she probably got it through school when they were working with blood or when she was giving tattoos. Somehow I dont think so, part of the reason I think her boyfriend was always accusing her of cheating was because he was.

On a more positive note I started dating a wonderful man, Hes a retired Marine and treats me like gold. I cant wait to see him all the time. Because of the gas stituation out here in Long Island I couldnt get gas Friday in my car so he drove 20 mins to pick me up and drive me 45 mins to work and then picked me after work drove me home then came back and picked me up to go out later.  Its so nice to be treated like that hes always opening doors for me and makes me feel very special. Is this the way its supposed to be? I really hope so.